Profile of Key Members

Abdulmohsen F. Alnafisi, Chairman
Fahad A. Alnafisi Group,  graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) in 1979 obtaining a degree in Electrical Engineering. Thereafter, he joined the family business and his active involvement in the business over the past 32 years has contributed to the growth of the family business. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise in diverse areas such as contracting, manufacturing, trading and investments in multi-cultural and working in global environments.

Nafisi Alnafisi, Vice Chairman & Managing Director
Nafisi Alnafisi had been an entrepreneur who made achievements in his business career. Graduated in Business administration from the University of South Florida, USA in 1996, he gained valuable experience while assisting his father with their family businesses. He was responsible to bring in new visions to the running business. What started as learning in dry ice cleaning process has developed into a mega project to recover carbon dioxide going to the atmosphere in the refineries and to produce liquid carbon dioxide for consumption in merchant markets. With a “passion for environment”. Nafisi is in the process extending such business opportunities into the GCC area now.

SN Narayanan, Senior Adviser
SN Narayanan is a management professional, formerly a General Manager of a top ten Kuwaiti Company. He has worked solely in the Gulf sector since 1993. Basically a graduate in engineering (1968) with more than 40 years industry experience in oil & gas, petrochemical, fertilizer and power sector followed by hands on skills on management & supervisory training. His strong acumen in management accounting coupled with his experience in financial restructuring and rehabilitation of many industries places him as capable to upgrade or promote a variety of industries in the oil sector. He had the privilege of being associated with multinational, indigenous as well as family owned businesses in Kuwait. Mr Narayanan has been associated with the conduct of market survey and study of CO2 applications as well as development of business plan cum configuration and implementation for the proposed project.

Ammar Hanoun , Financial Senior Accountants.
Ammar Hanoun is a professional financial senior accountants graduated from Yarmouk University, Faculty of Economics and Managerial science with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting (Major) Banking and Finance (Minor) formerly External Senior Auditor RSM Albazie & Co., testing internal control and review of assessment of risk associated with business transactions before reporting to the management, Develop overall audit strategy, audit planning and audit programs to tests internal controls to address clients’ need and business environment, financial statement risks and other risks, whenever applicable prepare management letter, and preparation of budgeting cash flow and interim financial statement .

Abdulrahman Alawwad, Senior Adviser
Abdulrahman Alawwad is a consultant professional, formerly a General Manager of Ahlia Chemicals Construction & Industries Company & Arab building Industrial Resources Company. He has been associated with Kuwait Oil Company in various capacities from 1978 till 2000, a total 22 years and has been involved in Quality control, Marine & export operation, Field Production Operation Engineering, Loss Prevention, KOC standard publications, Engineering & Project management activities. With his associations he brings with him the synergy to initiate & develop CO2 applications for EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) processes. Alawwad is a mechanical engineering graduate (1977) from Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, USA.

Sam Rushing, Consultant
Sam Rushing is a chemist, and President of Advanced Cryogenics, Ltd, Florida, USA, our senior consultant has more than 50 years of experience associated with CO2 business covering plant production facilities, development of CO2 applications, training as well as developing virgin markets. Advanced Cryogenics, Ltd. is primarily a carbon dioxide consulting firm, which serves all sources – types of raw and refined CO2. The company is supported by decades of carbon dioxide industry expertise.

Bob Luhrs, Vice President, Salof
Bob Luhrs, Vice President of Salof Refrigeration Company, with their headquarters at New Braunfels, Texas, USA, has been associated with the project in the plant & process design, engineering and supply of plant & machinery. Salof Refrigeration with their associated companies is specialized in CO2 liquefaction & industrial refrigeration systems, LNG & LPG processing, Acid recovery systems & Plant operations management systems. The company carries more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing & supplying plant and machineries and boasts of having successfully supplied more than 85 CO2 liquefaction plants of module sizing from 120 TPD to 800 TPD.