Greencarbon is a corporate entity with its Head office strategically located in Kuwait and production facilities in the Shuaiba Industrial Area to process carbon dioxide which is emitted from the refineries & petrochemical plants.
The configuration will include a Booster Station within the refineries /petrochemical complex and a “Liquefaction Plant”at the Greencarbon’s production facility in the Shuaiba Industrial Area.

There will be a truck terminal to load the product for transport & delivery.

The facility will have a capacity to process 450 MTD (Metric Ton per Day) of liquid Carbon Dioxide.

For more detailed information on the project see Project details.


A Passion for the environment around us

What started as a simple witnessing of a dry ice application demo for cleaning purposes developed into a vision of capturing or recovering the CO2 emitted in the State of Kuwait and use it to productive use in a program which is in line with the global concern on greenhouse gases and climate change To learn more about greencarbon and its activities, click here

Our passion for excellence has made greencarbon one of the most successful leaders, in the GCC area, with a reputation for innovation. The company plans to develop the usage of carbon dioxide for a variety of applications in the GCC market. The company’s future plans includes some of the most innovative downstream applications.

 The motivation behind the Project

Greencarbon is an initiative of the Alnafisi Industries Company. The company would like to pilot its business activity by launching a CO2 recovery plant in the State of Kuwait. Today the eco-system of our planet faces a threat of high magnitude in the form of global warming. Global efforts are being made to face these threats by the establishment and implantation of the Kyoto Protocol and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

As responsible global citizens and the citizens of Kuwait, it is our duty to place our country on the forefront in the fight to protect our environment.  CO2 emissions are responsible for over one third of the green house gas effect. The refineries and petrochemical plants in Kuwait emit high volumes of this anthropogenic gas every day.  As such, there exists a need for a CO2 recovery plant in Kuwait to displace this major greenhouse gas.